product name: DC2004

category: TC series

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Overall dimension (Length×Width×Height)(mm) 5400×2250×3200
Wheelbase(mm) 2710
Wheel track (front/rear)(mm) 1800、1920、2020/1720~2300
Wheel track (front wheel/rear wheel) adjustment method Stepwise adjustment/Steplessly adjustable
Minimum ground clearance(mm) 490
Minimum service quality(kg) 6410
Standard counterweight (front/rear)(kg) 780/480
Number of gears 16+8
PTO shaft power(kW) ≥125.0
Maximum traction(kN) ≥59.3
Tire model (front wheel/rear wheel) 14.9-28/18.4-38


Model YC6J220-T301
Manufacturer Kunming Yunnei Power Company limited by shares Co., Ltd.


Working device

Hydraulic output device Multi-way valve (3 sets)
PTO shaft speed(r/min) 760/850
Maximum lifting force on the frame(kN) ≥37.1


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