Shandong Dongqi Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. It is located at No. 55 Haihe Road, Laiyang City, Shandong Province. Its original name was "Yantai Dongqi Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd." and was renamed Shandong Dongqi Agricultural Equipment Co., Ltd. in 2015. The company integrates scientific research, manufacturing and sales. It is a company producing and exporting large and medium-sized tractors in Jiaodong area of China.

The registered capital of the company is 100 million RMB, covering an area of 100,000 square meters, construction area of 50,000 square meters. One of the governing units of Shandong digital equipment center and China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association. The company's products mainly include 30-260 types of paddy& dry fields, single&two-way and multi-purpose wheeled tractors under the brand name of "Yingfulai". The company's products adopt full-load power hydraulic shift, wet clutch, CANBUS(Controller Area Net-work Bus)bus and other advanced technologies, and the products are listed in the catalogue of national subsidy promotion. The products are sold all over the country and exported to more than 16 countries and regions such as Iran, Malaysia, Thailand, Russia, Peru, Canada and New Zealand. The company has more than 170 employees and 17 scientific and technological personnel. Its products have a number of patents, including 1 invention patent, 19 utility model patents, 4 appearance patents and more than 10 pending patents.

The company always puts the needs of users first, absorbs the advanced experience of domestic mature models, introduces foreign advanced technology, and continuously improves products in accordance with China's national conditions to better meet the different operating needs of users. The company insists on developing the enterprise with science and technology. While improving the technical content of products, it also strengthens quality management and perfects various testing methods to bring Dongqi's product technical quality standards in line with international standards.

Dongqi people adhere to thebusiness philosophyof "integrity, innovation and development", make friends from all walks of life, and jointly contribute to China's agricultural mechanization.

16 years of production experience
Land area 100000㎡
19 utility model patents
Corporate culture
  • Corporate Vision: Create a green power brand in China.
  • Corporate Mission: Bring green power, health and happiness to the world.
  • Corporate Values: Respect Communication, Prosper together.
  • CorporateMarketing Concept: Serve customers sincerely, bring happiness and enjoyment to users.
  • Corporate Philosophy: Serve the public, inherit and innovate, operate with integrity.
  • Business philosophy: Respect and trust, honest understanding, strict control, deep love.
  • Franchise Concept: concerted action and collaborative development.
  • Talent View: quality, wisdom and team spirit.
  • Corporate Culture Concept: Honesty, Pragmatism, Unity and Loyalty.
  • Conceptof Success: success = opportunity + wisdom + diligence + courage.
The registered capital of the company is 100 million RMB
The registered capital of the company is 100 million RMB.
More than 30-260 models

More than 30-260 models

The company's products mainly include 30-260 models of paddy and dry fields, single&two-way, multi-purpose wheeled tractors under "Yingfulai" brand.

Exports to more than 16 countries and regions
Exports to more than 16 countries and regions.